Need a great team to build great software?

We're here to help YOU with agile Ruby projects.

From understanding your needs to development and deployment, you can trust us for your Ruby and RubyOnRails projects. We use agile to provide quick feedback and iterative deliveries.

We have a special expertise in enterprise automation, legacy systems interop (CRM, API, feeds), Extract-Transform-Load and Datawarehousing.

We focus on creating useful solutions together with our customers - and we work hard toward simplicity.


HackerBooks (now offline) is a social experiment that let you find and explore thousands of books quoted on Stack Overflow and Hacker News.


WiseCash is a cashflow forecasting tool for freelancers and small business owners.
We're pouring our experience running a business into something that will help you anticipate your cash needs.


Learnivore (now offline) helps you stay up-to-date by gathering hundreds of Ruby, Rails, JavaScript programming screencasts in a single place.